He’s back. After a month apart, D is snoring gently (read: quite loudly) on my sofa, while I curl up in the arm chair, quietly watching The Crown. I have butternut squash and carrots roasting in the oven with za’atar and sumac and garlic, ready to be blitzed into soup when he wakes. 

As he dozes, he has sleepily reached out for me. For a while, I joined him on the sofa, our arms and legs tangled together, my head tucked under his chin, breathing in unison. I’ve missed this the most- the number of times I reached for him while half asleep in the last month is astonishing, really, given that we don’t live together- and I’m glad that we’ve been able to spend the morning in this way. 
Later, we may stroll around the Common, and go for a quiet Sunday drink in the pub. Or we may stay here, chattering on the sofa about everything that has happened during his time away. Or perhaps a combination of the two. I’ll wait until he wakes to decide.

I love Sundays. The gentleness, calm, and softness of the day is something I treasure more than anything. After a busy Saturday marching for the rights threatened by the new President, I’ve needed a contemplative day. I’m been considering what I can do next, what our next move should be. But above all, I’ve enjoyed the space I’ve afforded myself today, and the company I’ve had while I do this.

I’ve missed him terribly. More than I thought I would. But having a whole, lazy day just for us, seems to be the balm I have needed, and just the time we have needed to recoup. The cool air, the beautiful sunshine, the quiet calm- today, I have everything I need.



It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Well, it has been for me, anyway. It feels like an awfully long time since I’ve written anything, but last weekend, to help myself work during the tube strike, I bought a tiny little keyboard for my tiny little iPad, and suddenly I had an urge. And on Sunday, lying on the sofa, watching You’ve Got Mail, I started to type.

(It’s a great film, isn’t it?! So charming and old school and absolutely perfect, in so many ways. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are wonderful.)

I stopped writing for many reasons. I felt disconnected from blogging, from writing, from all online things. I still do in many ways, and this won’t be a space for sponsored posts or the like. It will mostly be a place for wittering, thoughts, musings. I’m not really fussed on making it look pretty (I’ll probably change my mind on that quite soon…). I just want an outlet. So here I am.

So much has happened since I last blogged, over on that old space. I’ve fallen in and out and in love. I’ve moved, and will soon move again. And I’ve started a new job, where I met D. Wonderful, charming, complicated D; an American who strolled past my desk on my second day, and stole my heart more or less instantly. Seven months later, we’ve been through some great times, and some incredibly rough times, but we’re here, together, strong, moving forward step by step, taking things as they come. So I imagine you’ll hear titbits about him, though for respect for him and our lives, maybe not everything.  We have to keep some things secret, after all.

But things are good in my life at the moment. I think a while ago, on an old blog, in an old life, I said that I found it hard to write when things were good- that I found misery and heartache easier things to describe and put out in the wild. But now? Now, it feels like time to write again. Not necessarily much, not necessarily often, not necessarily coherent… but something.

I mean, I hardly even READ blogs anymore. What do people blog about in 2017? Do people still blog? Is this even a blog? (The correct answer to that is YES, of course it bloody is, ‘blog’ is a contraction of ‘web log’ so anyone who tries to describe their BLOG as a “lifestyle content destination” or other such tripe is kidding themselves, and making something which is a positive, good thing into a weird thing where it isn’t cool to use the correct term)

So yes. Here I am again. Alive, alert, and raring to go. It’d be lovely if you stuck around (though to be honest, as I can’t be bothered to spend much time reading stats on wordpress, it’s A-OK if you don’t)